Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry deals with the improvement of the appearance, shape and color of teeth
After thorough examination, our specialists may suggest the following:  

Porcelain veneers

A veneer is a thin (0,5 – 0,75 mm) layer of porcelain placed over a tooth surface to improve its shape and color; veneers require a minor interference with hard tooth ł and are proof against stains and decay. 
Improvement of the appearance of front teeth with the use of the latest, most advanced composite materials.


Reconstruction of molars with the use of INLAY, ONLAY and OVERLAY fillings -INLAY, ONLAY, OVERLAY fillings are cosmetic fillings which make the restoration of large cavities in the crown possible. These fillings allow dental specialists to rebuild the exact anatomical structure of the tooth (cusps, fissures, proximal surfaces.) Crafted by prosthetic technicians in porcelain or composite materials, on the basis of a dental impression, they are durable, esthetic, proof against grinding, natural-looking and enhance the tooth structure by 75%.

Teeth whitening

Colored food components, coffee, tea and cigarettes all have a negative influence on the appearance of teeth. The results of exposure to these substances include staining and darkening. Regular cleaning may eliminate some of the surface stains, yet internal enamel discoloration can prove too profound to be dealt with at home. 

The BEYOND™ teeth whitening system allow to perform the entire procedure during one 45 minute session. The surface of the teeth is covered with special whitening gel. Next, the gel is activated with a beam of light. The light produced by the Beyond™ accelerator increases the speed with which the gel filters through tooth enamel and dentin, as it increases the frequency which causes the hydrogen peroxides decomposition, which in turn prompts an immediate oxidation of the internal tooth structure. As a result, the stains become smaller and less invisible. The whole procedure is repeated. A beautiful, bright smile is the ultimate result. The procedure is absolutely safe provided that  it is performed by a dental specialist. On average, the results last for about 2 years.