Dental implants

Our implant therapy is entirely based on Dentsply Implants (AstraTech Implant System™), which best assures the enduring implant stability. The products are granted a lifetime warranty and feature an almost 100% healing efficacy. Based on 30 years’ experience of the world’s top experts, thousands of medical publications and thorough research, AstraTech is referred to as one of the best among thousands systems available on the market. 

implanty zębów
Using AstraTech implants, we can focus on the final esthetic effect and the refinement of the soft tissues (e.g. the proper formation of interdental papillae) and we do not have to worry whether or not an implant would integrate. 

Dental implants are the optimal solution in cases of loss of one or more teeth. The implant system can be adjusted according to individual demands, so that anyone could benefit from a denture, bridge or a crown that have the appearance and functions of a natural tooth. Fully developed bone tissue is, however, an absolute prerequisite for a successful procedure. This is why patients who are under 18 usually do not qualify for implant therapy.  

When a patient is ready to undergo an implant procedure, all the factors that contribute to the final duration and success of the procedure (i.e. individual requirements, general health conditions and the quality of the bone tissue) are carefully analyzed, in order to select the most convenient and effective solution. 

 implanty zębów: tytanowy implant
A tiny titanium root is implanted into the bone. Titanium is a metal of which the human organism is exceptionally tolerant. It promotes the process  of osseointegration, which allows the bone to heal while a new, stable “root” is integrated into its tissues.

  implanty zębów: łącznik

Zirconia or titanium abutment is subsequently attached to the root in order to foster a stable, perfect implant-crown fit.  

implanty zębów: korona

After this stage is completed, a crown, bridge or denture can be placed over the abutment.  


Tooth replacement options: 

implanty zębów: brak pojedynczego zęba

1. Single tooth replacement  
In this case, a crown placed over the implant is the best solution, as it saves the adjacent teeth from any unnecessary procedures. 


implanty zębów: brak kilku zębów
2. Multiple teeth replacement 

The two solutions implemented in this case are: placing independent crowns over several implants, or placing a bridge over several implants.  


implanty zębów: proteza pełnego łuku

3. Multiple teeth dentures 

Implants are undeniably the best solution in cases of multiple teeth loss. Implants allow for a fixed partial denture (bridge) or an implant-supported removable partial denture to be placed over them. In the latter case the denture is attached to the implants via anchoring elements, which provide stability, but also the possibility of removing the denture at a patient’s convenience. 


implanty zębów: Zirkonzahn® Prettau
4. Full arch reconstruction (Zirkonzahn® Prettau method) 

Zirkonzahn® Prettau is the most advanced and up-to-date full arch reconstruction method. The elements, made of zirconium, are proof against staining, grinding and other mechanical damage. Designed and developed by Italian dental specialists and technicians, is considered to be the greatest achievement, and the greatest luxury in contemporary implant prosthetics