Radiography is the most basic diagnostic procedure in dentistry. Radiovisiography provides digital images; devices such as MyRay and DurrDental allow for a substantial (90%) reduction of radiation dosage.
These  tools constitute a very important part of our equipment, as they enable us to treat our patients more effectively and quickly. 
Our center is among very few dental clinics in Poland equipped with a DurrDental radiovisiography scanner. 

Working with such advanced tools increases our diagnostic and therapeutic proficiency, and saves your time as well as ours.


The most highly-rated biomaterial used in bone regeneration in the world. Together with the Bio-Gide® membrane, they are the most extensively documented solution in bone and tissue regeneration. Geistlich Bio-Oss has been thus far applied in more than 4 million cases all over the world, and the effects have been documented in more than 600 scientific publications and clinical practice reports. 
Bio-Oss® and Bio-Gide® are both natural products. Thanks to a high biocompatibility they constitute a “scaffolding” of a sort, allowing the bone to regenerate. This is possible thanks to the stimulating effect that these materials have on the bone-formation and healing processes. During the healing stage, these materials integrate with the bone to gradually decompose according to the natural metabolic processes as the new bone tissue develops. 

NTI Splints

Dental splints are made of polycarbonate on the basis of a pre-formed matrix to fit each individual patient’s needs. Unlike other dental splints, NTI devices are only intended for night use on the upper incisors. Due to simplicity of construction, NTI dental guards can be created during a single appointment.
NTI finds application in all conditions that require the reduction of muscular contribution to chewing forces:
*tension headaches, 
*migraines resulting from muscle tension,
*functional temporomandibular joint disorder,
*tooth enamel fracture resulting from excess pressure,
*neck area decay prevention,
*preparation for prosthetic therapy etc. 

The application of an NTI splint remedy substantially reduces the intensity of temporomandibular muscle activity, which often results in remission of pain ailments, as these may be caused by chewing muscles hyperactivity. This concerns headaches, as well as excessive pressures transferred within the entire stomatognathic system, including teeth. The splint relaxes the chewing muscles, reducing grinding and clenching, which in turn prevents enamel fracture, caries of the neck area etc. 


Sandy Grendel Loupes

The lightest dental loupes in the world, made of pure titanium, were designed by dr Alex Grendeimeir to meet the needs of dental specialists. Indispensable when the human eye meets its limits. Most frequently used during high-precision surgeries and complicated tooth polishing procedures.


The advantage of performing endodontic therapy using the microscope lies in the magnifying and lighting capacities of the device. Patient perception is the same as in case of traditional methods. The patient assumes a lying position, while the microscope is placed just above the patient’s head. The microscope provides a therapist with a clear vision of root canals, enabling them to examine the canals, clean them thoroughly, remove any congestions from the canals (e.g. broken tools.) The maximum precision is achieved thanks to a 25 x magnification, which positively influences the efficacy of procedures.  

All cases of endodontic treatment, the complicated ones especially, benefit from the use of a microscope. Our clinic is equipped with a KARL KAPS microscope. The company is considered to be one of the world’s technological innovation leaders.

Beyond™ Accelerator Lamp

The light produced by the Beyond™ accelerator increases the speed with which the gel filters through tooth enamel and dentin, as it increases the frequency which causes the hydrogen peroxides decomposition, which in turn prompts an immediate oxidation of the internal tooth structure. 

The lamp emits the so called “cold light”, which has a considerable influence on the issue of safety. 

The Wand

This method allows for painless application of anesthetic substances; the anesthetic flow rate is guided by a computer, and the substance is injected into the soft tissues at a physiological rate as well as constant pressure and volume, which all contribute to its better onset. The procedure eliminates the discomfort experienced by patients, and helps to decrease the uncomfortable feeling usually associated with a dental injection. This allows the dentist to predict and control the anesthesia of the required tissues for a longer time without affecting muscle and joint mobility. The anesthetic flows directly ahead of the needle allowing for the most complicated anesthetic procedures to be performed without causing unnecessary pain typically associated with the traditional methods. The Wand is a safe, indispensable method applied in child dentistry. 

Neutra B Mocom

This is the only B class sterilizer that features 11 pre-programmed, outstandingly fast cycles, assures perfect sterilizing and drying performance, and does not cause tool damage.