Esthetic medicine

Our services include esthetic medicine procedures, which constitute a great alternative to plastic surgery. Thanks to their noninvasive, undemanding character and short duration, esthetic medicine procedures are regarded to be the most effective and desired of the contemporary methods of eliminating expression lines. The method has been developed for 20 years, and has been becoming more and more popular.

Carefully selected doses of botulinum toxin are injected intramuscularly in the areas affected by expression lines. As a result, respective facial muscles are temporarily relaxed, which prevents further deepening of the existing wrinkles and the formation of new ones. Years of research have proven the practice to be safe and highly effective.
The application of BOTOX® does not require any particular preparations. It is painless and easy to perform. It is often referred to as “lunch treatment”, as it allows patients to return to everyday activities in no time. The effects are visible within 7 days, and last for approximately 6 months. BOTOX® does not cause allergies, and is  safe in use. 

The most frequently treated areas include:
- eyebrows (the “frowning” muscle)
- forehead (occipitofrontalis muscle)
- eye area (crow’s feet)