Microscopic endodontics

Endodontic therapy 

or root-canal treatment, involves the removal of the infected pulp from pulp chambers and root canals, the subsequent decontamination and shaping and obturation of the hollows. Pulp infections usually develop as complications resulting from untreated caries. 
In our center, endodontic procedures are performed during a single appointment (with very few exceptions), which allows us to save your precious time. 
Even the most difficult cases can be treated thanks to the use of MICROSCOPE.

stomatologia zachowawcza - mikroskop

The advantages that the microscope provides include magnification and illumination of the operating area. The microscope allows a dentist to examine the canals, clean them thoroughly, remove any congestions from the canals (e.g. broken tools.) Maximum precision is possible thanks to 25x magnification, which increases the effectiveness of the entire procedure. Our center is equipped with x-ray units and radiographic imaging devices, which advances our diagnostic proficiency. 

leczenie kanałowe

Fiberglass posts

allow for the recreation of a lost crown over a healthy, cured root canal. Modern solutions offer the utilization of fiberglass posts. Apart from a highly esthetic results, they provide a similar elastic modulus to that of the dentin, which helps to balance the unfavorable transfer of forces to the tooth tissues, and thus prevent cracks and fractures

wkłady z włókna szklanego