Contemporary anesthetics make the fear of pain history. Dental therapy can be painless, with the patient fully anesthetized against sensation of temperature and touch.

The application of anesthetic itself does not need to be a major source of anxiety  and pain experienced in a dental room. The method commonly referred to as The Wand™ is a perfect way of anesthetizing children and pain-sensitive patients.  

The Wand™ is a modern, computer-based technique which allows for an absolutely  painless injection of anesthetics. 

The slow application does not make the procedure appear to be tedious. The duration depends on the technique and the target of application, and take up to 3 minute. The onset of the anesthetic is immediate, so there is not need to wait before  entering the proper therapy. 

The Wand™ has one more advantage over other methods. The hand-piece used to perform the procedure looks nothing like a syringe, which may reduce anxiety of children and those who fear injections and needles.
It is also important that this method does not affect patients’ facial expression, and does not produce a “numb face” effect. Full facial expression and articulatory abilities is retained during entire therapy, which allows the patient to resume their activities immediately after the treatment is completed.