Oral hygiene & preventive therapy


This procedure allows to eliminate the accumulated, mineralized plaque, i.e. calculus, using the latest ultrasonic technology. Calculus, both supra-gingival and sub-gingival, constitutes a perfect environment for especially dangerous bacteria which may lead to severe cases of  gingivitis and periodontitis.

higiena i profilaktyka

higiena i profilaktyka
Scaling should be repeated at every six months. The procedure is painless and absolutely safe. Smokers may need more frequent follow-ups. Some patients will not develop new calculus over the course of six months. 

Air abrasion

Eliminates plaque developed due to smoking, coffee and tea drinking. A fine stream of particle-filled water removes plaque; the particles include sodium hydrogen carbonate. 
Air abrasion is often performed as a preliminary procedure, preparing the teeth to undergo whitening and scaling.   


This procedure involves smoothing of the teeth surface. It prevents hypersensitivity and protects the teeth against the accumulation of dental plaque. It is performed with the use of special brushes and pastes. It involves preliminary specialist cleaning of the teeth. 

Fluoride therapy

involves the application of special fluoride varnishes onto the tooth surface. These substances are characterized by a high concentration of fluorine (0,1 to 6%). They form a kind of protective shield to preserve the tooth surface in a good condition. Fluorine penetrates the enamel, reacting with calcium compounds, which precipitates the formation of the so-called fluorapatites. These protect the teeth from bacterial decay. 

Fissure sealing

is a preventive method involving the application of dental sealants into pits and fissures of a tooth. Fissures are anatomical phenomena present in molar teeth. The sealants protect the teeth from bacterial decay.