This branch of dentistry deals with the rehabilitation of malocclusion caused by teeth loss. Prosthetic procedures are proceded by careful assessment of our patients’ individual demands, and adjusted accordingly. Our services include: 

Prosthetic crowns  

Permanent prosthetic restorations of tooth crowns. Metal-containing prosthetic crowns are among the most commonly used methods of crown restoration. The metal base contributes to high endurance, while high-quality porcelain ensures the desired esthetic effects. However, as far as the esthetic qualities are concerned, all-porcelain crowns are considered to be superior.

All-porcelain crowns

Substitution of the metal base with a porcelain or zirconium dioxide core contributes to the natural appearance of the crown that is almost as translucent as natural teeth. The absence of metal in the base enables the bridge to reflect light in the same way that natural teeth do. 

protezy pełnoceramiczne

The absence of metal in the base enables the crown to reflect light in the same way that natural teeth do. As a consequence, porcelain crowns seem to be identical to natural teeth. Highly recommended for front teeth restoration.

Porcelain veneers 

A veneer is a thin (0,5 – 0,75 mm) layer of porcelain placed over a tooth surface to improve its shape and color; veneers require a minor interference with hard tooth and are proof against stains and decay. 


A bridge is a type of dental restoration used to replace missing teeth by joining the abutment teeth with pontics. Bridges are highly recommended in cases of multiple teeth loss.

protetyka mosty
Abutment teeth, that is teeth that support the bridge must be polished before the bridge is cemented onto them. Just as was the case with crowns, bridges can be made of porcelain or fused onto metal bases. The absence of metal in the base enables the bridge to reflect light in the same way that natural teeth do. 

Implant-supported restorations:

implanty zębów: brak pojedynczego zęba

1. Single tooth replacement  
In this case, a crown placed over the implant is the best solution, as it saves the adjacent teeth from any unnecessary procedures. 


implanty zębów: brak kilku zębów
2. Multiple teeth replacement 

The two solutions implemented in this case are: placing independent crowns over several implants, or placing a bridge over several implants.  


implanty zębów: proteza pełnego łuku

3. Multiple teeth dentures 

Implants are undeniably the best solution in cases of multiple teeth loss. Implants allow for a fixed partial denture (bridge) or an implant-supported removable partial denture to be placed over them. In the latter case the denture is attached to the implants via anchoring elements, which provide stability, but also the possibility of removing the denture at a patient’s convenience. 


implanty zębów: Zirkonzahn® Prettau
4. Full arch reconstruction (Zirkonzahn® Prettau method) 

Zirkonzahn® Prettau is the most advanced and up-to-date full arch reconstruction method. The elements, made of zirconium, are proof against staining, grinding and other mechanical damage. Designed and developed by Italian dental specialists and technicians, is considered to be the greatest achievement, and the greatest luxury in contemporary implant prosthetics

Cast partial dentures

protetyka protezy szkieletowe

Removable prosthetic restorations which, unlike the more traditional acrylic dentures, feature a reduced palatal base, or a delicate metal framework. Chewing forces are transferred to the abutment teeth via clasps, clips, latches, locks and other supporting appliances as well as bars and telescopic crowns, which relieves the mucous membranes, preventing periodontitis, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. Metal clasps can be covered with dental composites in order to maintain the esthetic qualities of the entire work. 

Acrylic dentures – Removable prothetic restorations that rely on the soft tissues for support. protetyka - protezy akrylanowe

Instant dentures - Produced prior to tooth extraction, these dentures are used to replace missing teeth immediately after the removal. 

Overlay dentures – implant or clasp-supported dentures. These removable dental restorations cover the roots or implants, prevent bone loss and feature a highly esthetic appearance.   protetyka - protezy overdenture

Post-and-core therapy – allow for the recreation of a lost crown over a healthy, cured root canal. Modern solutions offer the utilization of fiberglass posts. Apart from a highly esthetic results, they provide a similar elastic modulus to that of the dentin, which helps to balance the unfavorable transfer of forces to the tooth tissues, and thus prevent cracks and fracturesprotetyka - wkłady koronowo-korzeniowe